Frequently Asked Questions

What are your carport prices?

Discount and 6-month-same-as-cash in Jacksonville and all of Northeast Florida.

Our steel carports start at $1370, fully installed on your site (pavement, concrete, or soil)  your choice of 21 available colors, 150-mph wind rated, and a free home site inspection at no obligation.

Rent-To-Own-No credit checks up to $12,000. Carports and any structure are eligible. Terms up to 60 months and $20,000. Standard Financing Available. Credit Terms Apply

What if I need a two-car carport?

That’s our most popular model, of course! Two-car units are 18′ x 2`1′ x 6′ and start at $1945, fully installed on your site (pavement, concrete, or soil), your choice of 16 available colors, 150-mph wind rated, and our free on-site inspection.

Your Field Representative comes to me?

Absolutely! We come to your site at no obligation or cost throughout all of Northeast Florida! Our Field Representative will measure, inspect the site, and answer your questions.  No pressure! We have Sunday appointments available, as well, for your convenience.

Can I customize – get exactly what I want?

Surely!  Our carports and steel buildings are custom made at knockout prices.  You can get the height, width, and length you need, enclosed sides, roof choice, doors, windows, siding…you name it.

What about other buildings beside carports?

Glad you asked!  We can completely customize any structure – RV/Boat covers,  sheds, garages, barns, and steel buildings for any use – enclosed on any/all side, with doors, garage doors, window, whatever you need.

Why shouldn’t I buy at a home improvement store?

We have three very good reasons to choose American Projects over a home improvement stores:

1) Our price is an installed price – most stores charge extra or do not install at all.

2) We come to you to measure and answer your questions.

3) This is all we do – not a tiny sideline business in a national mega-store.

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